The driving force behind The Resource is the idea that it is distinctly different for dancers to move to live music and for the audience, dancers, and musicians to all feel the same vibrations at the same time. It is unifying. The choreographer and musicians work together throughout their process to co-create one piece of work. Themes of presence, peace, creation, nature and connection arise in an expanding experience of movement and sound that is EL-E-MEN-TAL.
The Resource is comprised of dancer and choreographer Nathalie Wutkee, and musicians Amanda Carson and Christopher Parnell.  “Each of us created music for one piece in this show,” says Creative Director Wutkee.  “Something interesting about this show is we are all doing new things in our craft that we have not done before and we are all loving it.”
Audience members will be immersed in the experience, entering the performance space to a view of the sun setting over the valley and mountains through the windows. They will also be greeted by the smells and sounds of nature mimicked through instruments by Parnell and Carson, and the use of essential oils.  The performance will include modern dance to the didgeridoo, a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians 1,000 to 1,500 years ago.  The second piece is a duet to a looped recording of Wutkee’s breath simulating ocean waves, with Wutkee performing the role of the ocean and Ricky Medina will play the role of the moon. The final piece features Carson’s vocals and explores the themes of building, growing and sharing.  Following the performance will be a Q&A with the artists.

Specific details

WHEN October 14 & 21 at 7:30
HOW (805) 381-1246 or see link above
TICKETS 13 presale and $15 at the door


403 Hillcrest Dr. Thousand Oaks, CA 91360







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