Sep 29 2015

MacArthur Park: Time Stands Still

Photography by Samuel Hernandez
McArthur Park 4
Meet the Artist this Friday, October 2, 6-9 pm for Ventura First Fridays 
The Museum of Ventura County will present an exhibition of more than 40 photographs by Los Angeles artist Sam Hernandez from his recent MacArthur Park Project at the Tool Room Gallery, opening Friday, October 2. These photos colorfully and realistically chronicle the lives of people who live, work or play in the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles.
McArthur Park 3

In many ways, MacArthur Park is the center of Los Angeles. Originally called Westlake, the park has had many “identities” since its inception in the 1880’s, from the “Champs-Élysées of Los Angeles” to a port-of-entry neighborhood this. This City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument is in the process of changing yet again. Photographer Samuel Hernandez has been spending time in the park with his cameras, documenting the people who visit, pass through, play, and live there. Sam visits the park regularly, “documenting people’s lives one picture at a time.” The exhibit will be on view through October 29.
McArthur Park 2



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