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 Here are 5 amazing pumpkin DIY recipes for the body that you can make at home:
long hair
Here are 5 healthy tips to help grow your hair without spending a lot of money.
imageThis year's beauty trend has brought back the vibrant 90s and its sultry mermaid looks. When I think of 90s beauty, I think supermodels like Eva Evangelista, Claudia Shiffer and Naomi Campbell, all women served as muse to fashion designers and makeup artists alike. A trend started.
INTRO demetologist QAMoisture concerns: How to spot the good and the bad before it gets ugly.
From creams and gels to serums and oils, moisturizers are often at the forefront of a woman’s beauty routine. However, moisture can also be regarded for the negative effects it can have on skin, as in the case of sweat and surface wetness that can lead to a range of various conditions. These quintessential examples of “good moisture” and “bad moisture” demonstrate that we should consider both when it comes to a comprehensive skin care routine.
posture checkGood posture can make you look much slimmer!
Oct 01 2012

Shimmer and Glow

The winter months are approaching (or they’ve already hit if you’re on the east coast), and with the dry winter air comes dry winter everything.I have some recommendations for products that keep me feeling soft and looking sparkly, or at least less like an alligator.

white goose dowSleeping on two or three pillows at a time, or putting a wedge pillow under your regular pillow will help get rid of dark circles under your eyes!
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