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category BLOG TITLE BARGet the inside scoop of individuals and businesses who live, work and play in the 805. In this section you will find articles and tips to make the most out of your lifestyles.

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 "There’s more to watching movies than going to a typical theater…”


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On a hot summer day, it’s very common to go to the beach and constantly have the urge to quench your thirst with something refreshing and cool, especially in the small town of Ojai. Known as an outdoor walking town to many, the inland location of Ojai can reach temperatures averaging between 85-90 degrees on a typical summer day. To beat the heat, one can be entertained nestled in the shades of Libby Park, shopping indoors downtown, catching a movie at the Ojai Playhouse, or even grabbing some ice cream at Ojai Ice Cream.

Sep 03 2012

River Sauvageau: A True Renaissance Woman

Studio Sauvageau is much more than a boutique, it is the heart and soul of owner and designer, River Sauvageau. After 23 years of making exquisite handbags, River reflects on the journey that led her to become one of Ojai’s most unique designers.

introFarmer and the Cook owners, Steve & Olivia, are dedicated to growing and providing fresh, organic food. After nearly 11 years, they have built much more than a place to stop in for lunch – they have created a community gathering place for friends old and new.

A stay-at-home mom turned healthcare provider shares inspiration for realizing your dreams later than you expected!

When Corine Riedell was just 21 years old she was already a stay at home mother of 3.   She had completed high school early through independent study and had quickly moved into the adult responsibilities that come along with child rearing, namely putting other’s needs before your own. But putting her children’s upbringing first didn’t mean putting off her own career goals and personal aspirations. Her peers were off at college or enjoying the freedom of being an adult with the lack of responsibilities living at “home” provides. Even though Corine didn’t have either luxury she also didn’t feel she was missing out on anything that couldn’t’ wait. She tucked her dreams away for later and enjoyed her kids while they were young.

lBuffalo Records finds its new home in a white adobe building topped with a Spanish-style roof. When you enter the record retailer nestled in residential Ventura, you may catch a slight, musty aroma possibly emanating from the old vinyls. Flanking the walkway to the register are rows of boxes on the floor, filled with un-shelved "2 for $1" vinyls, the shop’s recession special.

bowling2“Yabba Dabba Doo” and “Lets Rock” would be the response of my bowling buddies Fred Flintstone and Al Bundy. The 805 offers a good variety of bowling alleys and they all have their perks. I’m sure most of you know, but for those of you who don’t… lace up those funny shoes and put those twinkle toes to work. Throughout Ventura and Oxnard there are three bowling alleys to choose from.








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