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Nutrition (5)

CaloriesWe've all heard that weight-loss mantra 'Calories In, Calories out.' It certainly makes sense if weight loss is your primary goal, rather then counting the calorie values for every morsel you eat or drink that enters your lips. Calories out includes every mile you run, or weight you lift. Is that the way it has to be?

superfoodsAmerica is a nation of snackers, consuming an ever-increasing array of larger-sized food. You’ve probably heard of the trend “supersizing.” The challenge is that as our snacks have increased in size, so too have the number of empty calories we consume. Instead of supersizing our snacks, dietician Ashley Koff says now is the time to superfood our snacks instead. What does that mean? Supersizing is simply increasing the amount of food we are eating, while superfooding is packing those snacks with as many nutrients and health benefits as possible.

Grass Fed Taco TableThe most important personal and planetary benefits of choosing grass fed red meats vs. commercial red meats.



3 ancient secrets to thwarting disease, maintaining better moods, and having great digestion!

It’s difficult when we see a loved one, who’s struggling with their wellness, continue to choose processed  foods. Encouraging them to add one or two beneficial aspects of diet, rather than telling them they shouldn’t eat the processed foods they’re attached to, is way easier for them emotionally, as a first step.








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