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4446773042 22c3982c82 qSociety805’s Art & Culture section keeps your finger on the pulse on the arts and the cultural moves inside the 805. We get around the noise and beneath the hype to give you the real issues inside the 805 arts scene and the people in them. We bring you the key events shaping the 805 cultural landscape so you do not miss out on what is important and the direction of the 805 culture in art, theater, music, and film. Remember, you can’t live in style without art and culture.


Food-Wine thumbnailThe 805 is home to various cuisines, the futher up the central coast you go you will find some fantastic wineries. We provide the insider scoops of restaurants and food festivals here in the 805 to create a great fine dining experience.


Mind-Body-Spirit thumbnailFeaturing articles from area experts that helps enhance the Mind, Body and Spirit of the individual and tips to maintain you and your inner beauty needs.


Fashion thumbnailOur fashion section is the source for fashion news, shopping, trends, beauty news, local hot-spots and previews of fashion trends for the next upcoming season. One of our main focus will be boutiques throughtout the 805 area code. 


category BLOG TITLE BARGet the inside scoop of individuals and businesses who live, work and play in the 805. In this section you will find articles and tips to make the most out of your lifestyles.





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Hey Beautiful Boutique & Blow Dry Lounge had a Kentucky Derby Theme Fashion Show last Wednesday evening at their beautiful boutique in downtown Ventura.
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 #Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 7/31/10)
Mark Mollgaard, speaks with a soft-spoken croon. In his picture, featured in the WAV brochure, he poses with a jokingly frantic facial expression –wide-eyed, face tightened and hair disheveled.
"I am in my most creative mode when I transcend my own knowledge of what I am doing. Therefore, when you ask me, 'What are you making?' Don't be surprised if I answer 'I don't know.' When I answer like that, I am in a realm I have literally never been [in] before, and THAT is where my most creative answers originate," says Mollgaard in a post-interview e-mail after fully gathering his thoughts.
American Buffalo 2
The Santa Paula Theater Center and company has launched the second play in an excellent season of tough, great theatre, with their current production of David Mamet’s legendary play, American Buffalo.
Lady and Macbeth
When it rains, it pours, they say.  While we don’t get a lot of professional Shakespeare in our regional theatre, and thus one would expect there to not be much of a pool of Shakespearean actors locally, the 805 currently has two major Shakespeare plays on offer:  Rubicon’s fine King Lear, and The Ojai Art Center Theater’s Macbeth. Not only that, but both productions are trying to do something new and interesting with their productions.
Lady  and MacbethOjai Art Center Theater in conjunction with the Ojai Performing Arts Theater's Macbeth
unnamedSpring in Southern CA is an unpredictable adventure. The sun could shine heartily, or it could hide behind a cloud cover of gloom. You might need a sweater, or you might enjoy days of sunshine on your shoulders. And true to the rhyme about April showers, you may even spot a bit of rain falling from the sky. With so many ups and downs and varying degrees each day, it’s reassuring to find a constant in wine.
King Lear at Rubicon
King Lear is one of Shakspeare’s greatest plays, some say greatest. People usually do Lear because they want to do something with it. Like Wagner’s Ring, Shakespeare’s Lear has, in modern times, become a formidable vehicle for taking a production to the limits. This usually means something in terms of either its direction, staging, or acting, or some combination or all three. Rubicon accordingly tries a lot of different things with this ambitious production in a well-worth seeing Lear.
LOS ANGELES, CA — Savage, vicious and ferociously funny. Dana Resnick directs Bad Jews, a fierce yet hilarious take on family, faith and legacy by Joshua Harmon, running April 21 through June 17 at the Odyssey Theatre.
There's nothing like a death in the family to bring out the worst in us. In Joshua Harmon’s biting comedy, a beloved grandfather has died and a treasured family heirloom with religious significance is up for grabs — but who’s the most deserving? Is it bossy, overbearing, self-declared “super-Jew” Daphna Feygenbaum (played by Larkin Bell – Colony Collapse at Boston Court)? Or her wealthy, less observant cousin Liam (Noah James – Stanley Jerome in the Odyssey’s Broadway Bound) who has a shiksa girlfriend (Lila Hood – The Man Who Came to Dinner at Actors Co-Op)? Meanwhile, Liam’s younger brother Jonah (Austin Rogers – White Marriage at the Odyssey) finds himself in the impossible position of peacemaker as the two rivals argue, insult and try to outwit each other to the bitter, hilarious end.








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