This past Sunday our very own Vonder Gray held an artist reception at Soho Santa Barbara

Sunday September 1, 2013

Sizzlin Sunday


This past Sunday at Soho Santa Barbara there was an artist reception for our very own Vonder Gray. Vonder looking quite lovely and refreshed even though it was a sizzlin Sunday afternoon.
Vonder Gray has been a painter for over 45 years. She has participated in many shows in the New York, Boston and Southern California areas. Gray has owned several galleries on the east coast where she showed her work and the work of other artists. Her artwork is emotional, colorful and textural. “My soul is in each and every painting!” Soho Santa Barbara is located on 1221 State Street Santa Barbara CA. To learn more about Vonder Gray visit www.vondergray.com .
ErikReelL-Vonder-Gray-and-Rhonda Hill
Artist Erik ReeL, Vonder Gray & Rhonda Hill
Lynn-Le Tourneau -Vonder-and-Lynn- husband
Artist Lynn Le Tourneau, Vonder & Jack Le Tourneau
Gaia-Vallarino-andChazney markellRhonda-Hill-and-Vonder
(l)Gaia Vallarino & Chazney Markle (r) Rhonda Hill & Vonder
P9010056 Vonder-Gray

 For more information on Vonder Gray please vist her website www.vondergray.com