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Mind-Body-Spirit thumbnailFeaturing articles from area experts that helps enhance the Mind, Body and Spirit of the individual and tips to maintain you and your inner beauty needs.

intro-Salmon Salad TableMore and more of us are discovering that certain foods and lifestyle habits may be good for some, but they aren’t good for everyone.

Jul 15 2013

How to Choose A Doctor

intrChoosing a doctor is one of the most important healthcare decisions you make. After all, you will rely on this person and their staff to notify you of needed appointments, recommend screenings, make accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations to keep you healthy - and even possibly save your life. How can you know you are choosing a quality physician?

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P7020001Since coffee is so hard on the kidneys, and since it also acidifies the pH, here’s a couple of ways to make it much better for you...

man balancing onbikeBalance is vital for all of our everyday activities from walking to reaching and putting on pants one leg at a time. When we were younger we’d balance train every time we’d step outside to play. From hopscotch, to skateboarding, to bike riding without training wheels, we continually worked our balance while strengthening our core. Even today’s elite athletes recognize the value of balance training as super bowl champs and Olympic medalists alike are quick to note balance & stability training as one of their key elements to success.

4475886767 b4510d7c89 mIf you have any of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, getting off caffeine is essential for full recovery and for future prevention.

water workoutLow-impact water workouts combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training and with little risk of injury. Refreshing water also carries many therapeutic qualities, alleviating pain and stress on joints & muscles as well as keeping exercisers cool even in the middle of an intense workout. Try this quick water workout the next time you take a dip.

Grass Fed Taco TableThe most important personal and planetary benefits of choosing grass fed red meats vs. commercial red meats.








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