Mariel WilsonMariel Wilson is a student at Colorado College studying Creative Writing and Feminist and Gender studies. She loves writing and hopes she can keep doing it for a long time. Mariel believes in the power of creativity to spark change and feels very lucky to meet so many creative people through Society 805. When she isn't writing, Mariel can be found reading, shopping, or hanging out with her pug, Dot.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 04:11

Eat This Shoot That: Food and Photo Tours

IMG 0536When I heard about Eat This Shoot That, a food and photo tour of Santa Barbara, I immediately thought it was a genius way to see a city and wanted to take one myself. What could describe a city better than a taste of the local cuisine? And how can these memories be cherished better than by learning the secret to capturing them on camera? I had the opportunity to talk with Tara Jones, the “Owner/Big Cheese” (as her email signature notes) of this four-year-old business. Tara has an extensive background in photography and, like most of us, a great appreciation for food, which gave her the inspiration to open this now very successful tour concept. I got the chance to ask her about her inspiration, love for food and photos, and much more and quickly became even more excited by her unique company.
photo credit: Skye Bennike
Monday, 17 October 2016 08:30

Good To Go Juice

intro juiceA few days ago, I had the opportunity to peer into a lifestyle that I have always been curious about and often envied: life on a food truck. The life I envisioned was a delicious, nomadic, and carefree one, though after an interview with Susannah Pilcher, manager of the Good to Go Juice smoothie and juice bar, I found that while these things may be true, it takes a whole lot of hard work to be successful.