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The First Steps To Restoring Vitality

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It’s difficult when we see a loved one, who’s struggling with their wellness, continue to choose processed  foods. Encouraging them to add one or two beneficial aspects of diet, rather than telling them they shouldn’t eat the processed foods they’re attached to, is way easier for them emotionally, as a first step. You could recommend that they try to drink more re-mineralized water - ½ the ideal body weight in ounces daily. The best way to re-mineralize drinking water for people who still eat lots of packaged or restaurant food, is with a squeeze of lemon, or a tsp of raw apple cider vinegar. Re-mineralizing water with a pinch of whole sea salt will add too much sodium to their already sodium-rich diet. Also, a fairly easy food to add to their diet is more organic leafy greens.

Raw salads are cooling, cleansing, and balancing for most people in the spring and summer (except for weak, cold, deficient body types). Greens which are easy to digest raw are: all lettuces, baby spinach, turnip & radish tops, mustard greens and bok choy tops. A great way to get those cruciferous veggies in, which have potent anti-cancer and cleansing properties, re-build the blood, and provide tons of food-state vitamins & minerals, is to slightly steam them. Steam cruciferous greens until just slightly wilted, and then drizzle with lemon juice and a high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. The cruciferous (broccoli family) veggies are: kales, collard greens, broccoli, cabbages, and cauliflower greens or brussel’s sprout greens. The darker green they are, the more minerals they have! Excellent, local olive oils that Don & I are in love with are: Tiber Canyon Ranch in Arroyo Grande http://www.tibercanyon.com/ranch.htm, and Olea Farm in Templeton http://oleafarm.com/.

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cookwell portraitCourtney Coleman loves to show people how to cook with whole foods for health & happiness. She can teach you how to prepare amazingly tasty, whole foods snacks & meals with plenty of proteins, good fats & minerals according to the ancient principles of Macrobiotics & Ayurvedic cooking. Everyone has a unique body type, and Courtney helps people tune in to what foods are best for personal balance of mind, body & spirit. Courtney will come to your home anywhere in SLO County to teach you privately, your group of friends, or kid’s classes!


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