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Thursday, 04 August 2011 00:00

Chef's Corner-Greg Murphy, Chef of Bouchon, Santa Barbara

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Graduating from UCSB with a BA in environmental studies, there doesn’t seem to be a more appropriate job than keeping Santa Barbara County fed with local produce and great wines. Always striving to be more creative with food, Chef Murphy is really whipping up some food masterpieces and customers cannot get enough.
Friday, 01 July 2011 07:00

What a Catch You’ll Find at Lure’s Fish House

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I will start out saying that it's really nice to have a quality seafood place in the 805. That's something Ventura County has definitely been lacking and as word gets out, I know Lure's Fish House will be the number one place people will go when they want seafood.
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 07:00

Toppers by The Sea

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topper-introTIPS & TIDBITS

Wow is all that could be said by both Evan and I when we walked into the Toppers at Channel Islands, also known as Toppers by the Sea. Thundering and lightning, we ran inside to find a huge two story masterpiece with tons of windows to display the amazing view of the harbor. If you've ever eaten at Toppers Pizza Place before, you know each one is single story, has the basic benches, T.V.s, salad bar, etc. Well, Toppers by the Sea is definitely making a statement and redefining your idea of what this popular pizza place should look like. Your mouth will drop just like ours did in awe of what you walk into.

Monday, 27 September 2010 07:00

Carli's Bistro

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CarlisBistroTucked away in Old Moorpark, off the beaten path, Carli's Bistro is found with a feel of a beach house; frayed bamboo looking umbrellas contributes to this feel on their outdoor front patio. I love how they have their patio in the front because they are right across the street from the AMTRACK train tracks and can catch that every once in awhile, as well as just be entertained from the people walking by. It's very low key and quaint so you get a feeling of "kick off your shoes and stay awhile" eating in the historic area; being in a rush is not what Old Moorpark is about.

Thursday, 02 September 2010 07:00

La Super Rica

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It was a classic case of June gloom today as my fiancé and I headed up the coast, on the 101 freeway, to La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. Despite the gloomy weather, there was nothing but smiles and excitement from not only us, but the other customers in anticipation of the delicious Mexican food. Only a 45 minute drive from our starting point of Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks, we arrived at 10:45 am, 15 minutes before La Super Rica opened. We snagged a parking spot right in front and got in line because one was already forming! We were soon followed in line by two more parties and 15 minutes after La Super Rica had opened, there was a mix of 15 people, from families to local workers on their lunch break, chowing down while a line continued out the door.
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