sofia willams I have always possessed a passion for art--since the early days of day-trips to museums and an afternoon of plein air sketching. I grew up in Orinda, CA and never left the area until I packed up and headed off to college. I  attended Westmont College in Montecito where i am finished up a double major in Art and English. About a little while ago, I traveled to Florence, Italy where I lived in an apartment and studied art for 4 months. My understanding and experience with Art grew immeasurably as I soaked up works of the maters daily and learned techniques from a variety of foreign artists throughout the beautiful fall days in Italy. Not only did my knowledge of art expand thoroughly but also my love for writing developed through my journaling and weekly creative writing workshops.

With my passion for art and my ease with words, I hope to dazzle you all with bits of knowledge about the wonderful art being created in our own backyards.
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 02:43

Artist Interview: WAV Artist Janet Lamb

JL1 copy copyStrolling along the streets of Ventura during one of the art walks, Janet Lamb happened upon a kiosk with wonderful brochures advertising a new living and working space. It was called the WAV (Working Artists Ventura) project and its goal to blend art, community, and environment--instantly she thought, "That is for me!"
#Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/2/10)
Has the process of making a photograph become completely obsolete in the contemporary art world? Not for Jacqueline Woods. In fact, the process of developing and printing the photo is an essential facet to her work as a whole. The process, coupled with themes of memory and identity is what makes Woods' photographs so enticing.
Monday, 14 August 2017 07:00

#TBM Artist Opening: Bill Jeralds

Lead Pic
Bill Jeralds--An angel of infinite possibilities
 #Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/10/10)
A cold, a collapsed lung, double pneumonia, two collapsed lungs, acute respiratory distress system, a coma. Five years ago, this series of events plagued Bill Jeralds--a man living in LA and working as a technician for companies such as Myspace and Digital Insight. Jeralds’ wife was told that he would never wake up from this awful coma but she did not sign to stop treatment--she believed he would persevere, and three days later, Jeralds miraculously woke up.

 ESH64732Luther Gerlach—A Modern Day Vintage Photographer
#Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/10/10)
Edward Weston’s vintage classical photography took simple subjects--the naked body or a simple plant--and transformed each into something magnificent through his genius use of the camera and the darkroom. Luther Gerlach is one of many who studied Weston’s work and immediately became enthralled with his skill--both technical and visual.
#Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/10/10)
As a playwright, a poet, a painter, and a print-maker, Frances Spencer has firmly planted herself in both the world of art and the world of writing and drama--but there really is not much of a distinction to be found there. Spencer has lived and enjoyed her two passions thoroughly through her experimenting and conceiving and creating.