Putting Fashion in Its Place, an Interview with Rhonda P. Hill

Rhonda P Hill VIP Guest LA Fashion Week EDGExpocom


The power of fashion lies in its ability to transform identity and culture.” – Rhonda P. Hill

There is a new generation of designers that are fed up with fast and cheap fashion, over the top runway shows dominated by luxury brands, and the industry's superficial characteristics. And the big dirty little secret of that industry is that it is polluting the environment. Clothing and textiles are one of the largest polluting industries on the planet, right up there with oil. This new generation of designers believes brand identity is nothing without purpose. They stand their ground on creativity, innovation, and building a collection with meaning. "They are a courageous breed of designers who are going against the commercialized trend of 'more is more' and giving artistic value, a cultural face, and environmental consciousness to fashion", says Rhonda P. Hill.

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