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Chef's Corner-Sean Studds , Chef of Faculty Club, Santa Barbara

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ChefsCornertitlebarGetting ready for another school year, Executive Chef Sean Studds is prepared and awaiting the first day of school at the Faculty Club on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara. Although busy throughout the year, Chef Studds still finds down time with a less stressful schedule than most executive chefs have. Whipping up delicious and fresh soups, salads, risotto, and seafood everyday, these students and faculty are experiencing five star lunches, that are so affordable!   
seaninchefcoat002 S805 How did the position of Executive Chef at UCSB come to be presented to you?
TCL I answered an ad, but had previously committed to a sous chef at Tupelo Junction Café downtown on State street and really wanted to work at a southern restaurant which is my forte. When I realized that I would not be promoted to executive chef after a year, the position at The Faculty Club became available again, so I went in to interview and got the job in September 2007.
S805 On average, how much does it cost you for a week’s worth of food that you serve?
TCL About $2,000.
S805 Are the hours pretty grueling and demanding for you?
TCL At times during the school year we have a lot of catered events on the weekends and at night, but overall, they are relatively 40-50 hours per week which is much lighter than other chef options.
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 S805 With back to school in the spirit, what was your favorite thing to get in your packed lunch?
TCL To be honest, I was always jealous of the other kids who got twinkies, Doritos, and other types of junk food in their lunches. Mine was always boring. My mother wasn’t very creative, but I guess her forbidding us from eating junk food has led me to be a junk food junkie today. My favorite guilty pleasure fast food is Taco Bell!
S805 Is it possible for non-students and non-faculty to eat at The Faculty Club?
TCL Yes, we are open to the general public, not just university members. We also offer a discount to people who join the Faculty Club to become members.
S805 Yum! I can’t wait to get to the campus and try these delicious sounding dishes!
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Tiffany LitchfieldFood is a main priority in my life and because of that my daily schedule results in lots of food adventures! I call them food adventures because my fiance Evan, who is also a foodie, and I are willing to drive just about any distance to eat really good food. Driving cross country 4 times, I've seen a lot of the country, different ways of living, and of course eaten all different kinds of delicious food. It’s made me appreciate all the fresh, local produce we have here in the 805 as well as made my palette search for the best representation of California.

I've always loved food and lots of it. Food competitions starting in college really made my friends see how much I could eat, pizza in particular, and how I made food the center of everything. Now, I have friends telling me about food adventures they went on and how good it was. It's awesome to know I've become associated with food and have the privilege of writing about it!

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