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This season I decided not to attend any of the shows for fashion week in Los Angeles, mainly because I feel Los Angeles is still trying to define themselves in this industry (a story for another time), and it can be a little chaotic getting through some of the hype.  Anyhow, my mind was set… that is until Rhonda Hill from Edgexpo suggested that we attend one day of shows for FWLA because the designers "looked to be progressive" for that day. Well that was enough for me to take another look at the designers who were presenting their collections. There was one particular designer’s collection I had to see in person after watching their video from New York Fashion Week on the Runway and that designer was Mimi Wong whose brand is called Minan Wong.

RO & DE NOIR FALL 2016 Collection for Fashion Week L.A
RO & DE NOIR is a Los Angeles-based contemporary women's line. The designers gave us 25 fresh styles from their fall 2016 collection. I was treated to many feminine patterns and silhouettes. Pieces ranged from a sleek black V-cut jumpsuit to a sophisticated skirt suit. What impresses me most about this brand is the range of styles they produce. The pieces are functional and mesh well in any setting.

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How do you imagine a Friday afternoon in Los Angeles Fashion Week?

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I had the opportunity to chat with fashion designer Dena Burton before her show at Driven By Design this past Friday and ask her a few questions.

Recycled-Ruffle-Bikini-Blue-BlissVanessa Rivers, founder/designer for Happy Endingz® Eco Swimwear, grew up on an eco-ranch in Central California and attended college at UC Santa Barbara where she fell in love with surfing. The line's green concept was born out of Vanessa's passion for protecting the environment and her bikini's signature "butterfly cut" bottoms with minimal back coverage are inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. Despite having a celebrity lineage including father,singer Johnny Rivers, grandma, actress Debbie Reynolds, and aunt, Carrie Fisher, (aka Princess Leia), she has managed to stay grounded and dedicated to her goal of helping green become mainstream. Vanessa also spends her time teaching surf lessons when she is not busy designing swimwear.


Introducing Her New Black Label Swimwear Line

Lauren Elaine is no stranger to bright lights and fame. The model turned actress has recently entered the world of fashion and design starting primarily with luxurious dresses. After immense success with clothing design, Miss Elaine is now taking the bikini and cruisewear world by storm.