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Personal Health Hacks Make A Difference!

change exit signIt becomes easy to allow unhealthy habits to roll over year after year with out change, or this can be your year for positive changes!
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Drink a lot of water. It effects so many aspects of your health. It aids in digestion, skin tone, health issues such as cleansing your body of waste, and weight management. Especially during fall and winter months, it keeps you from feeling dry and brittle in over heated buildings that rob your skin of moisture. It boosts your metabolism, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. Virginia Tech researchers found that drinking two glasses of water before every meal helped patients lose up to 30% more body fat after 12 weeks. 
Importance of High Fiber Foods in Your Diet
Be moderate in your food category a choices and portions. Don't give up ALL carbs or any other kinds of food ( unless you choose to be a vegetarian or vegan). Healthy whole grain carbs provide energy and fiber, but try not to mix them with fats, or it can spike your insulin levels and lead to excess fat storage. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables to your food plan. They are loaded with flavor, nutrients and helps reduce the overall calorie density of your meals. Try to reduce processed foods so that you can be in control of the calories, salt, sugar and flavor of your families' food. When you're at the grocery, make most of your purchases from the perimeter of the store, not the inside aisles.
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Make sleep a priority of your schedule. Usually one the first areas to be cut, it's critical to mental focus, weight management, and positive health benefits. Aim for 7-9 hours per night which allows your body and mind to rejuvenate. A repeated lack of sleep can lead to forgetfulness, headaches, unexplained anger, fat storage and Type II diabetes. Make efforts to turn off computers, phones and other stressors and hour before bed. Create a peaceful den that promotes restfulness.
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Exercise regularly. Those words may mean very different things to different people depending on age, ability and health issues. But the critical point is to be active regularly. If you've been cleared by your doctor for weight bearing exercises, including them helps with weight, bone density, tone, strength, agility and mental alertness. To increase your fat loss, increase your intensity. High intensity exercises (HIIT) are done for shorter periods of time at a maximum level. It increases in fat burned at rest, and increases metabolism throughout the day.
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Including rest opportunities or social interactions in your weekly schedule are critical, especially as you or loved ones age. Isolation can lead to depression, lack of appetite, sleep and overall satisfaction and happiness. Even pets can create a positive interaction that engages positive health.
Asking for help from friends and family can help ensure success in making changes for your health. Utilize a food and exercise diary or a calorie/exercise watch can help motivate change and keep you feeling accountable. Take these opportunities for your long-term health.
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