Homemade Ice Cream in Ojai

ojai ice cream-1
   “I’ll take a sugar cone single chocolate chip.”
On a hot summer day, it’s very common to go to the beach and constantly have the urge to quench your thirst with something refreshing and cool, especially in the small town of Ojai. Known as an outdoor walking town to many, the inland location of Ojai can reach temperatures averaging between 85-90 degrees on a typical summer day. To beat the heat, one can be entertained nestled in the shades of Libby Park, shopping indoors downtown, catching a movie at the Ojai Playhouse, or even grabbing some ice cream at Ojai Ice Cream. Originally opened in 1979, the ice cream shop is still in business as third owner Doug Rydbeck personally states “the shop is designed for an ice cream shop.”
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