VAM Improvisational Painting at ArtWalk VENTURA -

  Erik ReeL’s VAM productions presents; VAM: Improvisational Abstract Painting at Artwalk VENTURA, a show curated by Erik ReeL and sponsored by EDGE and Society805.com.  A PODS  exhibition featuring emerging improvisational abstract painters working in Ventura . These exciting up and coming painters each have a distinctive approach and style, demonstrating the rich variety of personal expression available within abstract improvisational painting today.



Improvisational painting--any improvisational approach to any art--involves considerable personal and aesthetic risk. Risk accompanies each stroke, each mark, each decision, each act of the artist. This exhibition celebrates that risk-taking and the people who support it.  This includes the sponsors, two Ventura-based businesses involved with culture and the arts who take risks and support up and coming artists. Risk is so much a part of these businesses that risk-taking is part of their core mission.                                                                                                                                                                  


Alphonso Acosta 

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