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Turn Back Time with a little help from Today's Technology

"The future belongs two those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

As Cher lamented in her  hit song, you Can Turn Back Time with today's beauty gadgets. Experience better aging through technology, let's count the ways~


  "The future belongs two those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Today, so called “beauty gadgets” are earning a popular place in the cosmet­ics industry - Why? - because they work! This month I will breakdown the ben­efits of four different technologies on the market - far infrared, galvanic ion technology, ultrasound wave, and vibration therapy - to help you understand what they do and what they can do for you!
Far Infrared (FIR)   Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun whose wavelength falls out of the visible range. Despite the fact that we cannot see far infrared radiation, it is perceived by thermo receptors in the skin as heat. FIR has the following benefits:
Skin is warmed, unclogging pores and expanding capillaries
Blood flow increases, helping eliminate toxins associated with aging and fatigue
Mitochondrial stimulation results in increased enzyme activity and metabolism
Promotes the breakdown of cellulite, fat, trapped water, and wastes
Promotes the regeneration of skin tissue
Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells resulting in increased skin vitality
Galvanic Ion Therapy
When accompanied by an ap­propriate conducting agent (serum) galvanic ion therapy works by supplying a current of positive and negative ions through the skin. Posi­tive ions cleanse pores by clinging to dirt, oils, and makeup and extracting these impurities. Negative ions increase the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from treatment products by push­ing them into deeper layers of the skin. The results:
Energy from galvanic ion exchange attacks bacteria and promotes skin cell regeneration
Impurities are extracted resulting in cleaner pores
Beneficial nutrients are transported deep into the skin
Skin is more hydrated, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced
Nutrient absorption is improved. Skin's texture and tone is returned to its youthful appearance, while cellular nutrition protects from oxidative stress and cell senescence.

Ultrasound Wave therapy follow­ing ways:
Pores are opened, allowing for the removal of impurities
Vibrations activate skin healing mechanisms and push nutrients deep into the skin
Elastin and collagen production increase, reducing the appearance of lines/wrinkles
Blood and lymph circulation increase
Skin cell turnover increases as ultrasonic waves aid in dead cell removal
Cell metabolism increases, resulting in a reduction of facial fat
Vibration therapy
Vibration technology provides dual func­tions of relaxing facial muscles and activating your skin cells’ natural healing properties to promote skin recovery. Elasticity increases, rendering the skin more youthful and luminous. Vibration technology also functions to push serums into the deepest layer of the skin where it can help repair and protect the life of every skin cell. Benefits include:
Skin and facial muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated
Elastin & Collagen are strengthened
Nutrients are transported deep into the skin

Overall benefits of these modalities include:
Lines and wrinkles appear softer and smoother •
Skin appears and feels dramatically more hydrated •
Roughness and dryness significantly reduced •
Skin’s radiance significantly improved •
Face appears significantly more youthful •
These technologies and the benefits they provide are available to you in a number of ways. Many clinical estheticians and day spas throughout the 805 offer these services to their clients. One that offers all of these and more is The Hidden Gem in Thousand Oaks, Ca.   www.TheHiddenGem.info
There are also “home” versions of some of these technologies available for you to use in the comfort of your home- daily if you choose. These “at home” beauty gadgets are a convenient and economical way to reinforce any professional services you may receive.
Most of these “at home” therapy machines offer only 1 of the 4 above mentioned technologies. The Derma Firm Illuminator by Apriori Beauty, however. incorporates all four functions. If you would like to view a quick video of this device please check out:
Cheers! Till next time
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