Food-Wine thumbnailThe 805 is home to various cuisines, the futher up the central coast you go you will find some fantastic wineries. We provide the insider scoops of restaurants and food festivals here in the 805 to create a great fine dining experience.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 07:00

Farmers' Markets of the 805 Ventura County Edition

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What is a Farmer Market?
Merriam- Webster defines it as "a market at which local farmers sell their agricultural products directly to consumers".
Did you also know that the first farmers' market opened in 1634 in Boston, Massachusetts, but one can trace farmers' markets back 5000 years to Egypt where farmers along the Nile would gather and sell their fresh produce. In ancient times farmers' markets served as the historical-version of grocery stores.
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Here in the 805, we can’t always count on prolific April showers to bring May flowers. Sure, we did receive a few sprinkles this year, and there are colorful spots of wildflowers visible on our hills. But in a month known for its abundant blooms, we’re turning elsewhere to get our floral fix. We are looking at wine!
Tuesday, 01 May 2018 07:00

Psst, did you hear?

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Psst did you hear
new editionA month's worth weekly seasoning of news with a touch of gossip within the restaurant world within the 805 for the month of May only.  Look for little tidbits about new chefs, new menus, food events, happenings at restaurants, openings , closings, and even health code violators. We will even try to keep you abreast on who is in the middle of a transformation.(remodel).


Tuesday, 17 April 2018 09:00

Rain or Shine: Wine for Whatever the Weather

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unnamedSpring in Southern CA is an unpredictable adventure. The sun could shine heartily, or it could hide behind a cloud cover of gloom. You might need a sweater, or you might enjoy days of sunshine on your shoulders. And true to the rhyme about April showers, you may even spot a bit of rain falling from the sky. With so many ups and downs and varying degrees each day, it’s reassuring to find a constant in wine.
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 07:00

A Mini Halloween Cocktail Guide

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dreamstime xs 59701027We found a few  cocktails that will make your Halloween celebration a howling success!
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 07:00

Simplify fall with one-dish meals

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Simplify fall with one dish meals 1Fall feels like a new year - new classes in school, new friends and new activities. It's the perfect time for new meal ideas too! Put a new spin on family dinner favorites by adding unexpected ingredients such as California grapes. Change to a different pasta shape, sauce or cheese to create a new dish. Go meatless or vegetarian one night a week for a new dinner option. Remember to plan and shop ahead to help save time. When making a shopping list, be sure to include California grapes; not only are they a quick and perfect snack or easy side dish, but they're also a versatile ingredient.
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 07:00

Four ways to preserve summer tastes from your garden

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cropped Four ways to preserve summer tastes from your gardenYour backyard garden was a huge success this year - you grew a ton of fresh food, which not only saved you money at the grocery store but also ensured your family ate nutritious, great-tasting fruits and vegetables with every meal. But now that the growing season is coming to a close, you might be wondering how to make the abundance of ripe produce in your fridge last.
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