Carrie Bio pic jpegCarrie Morgan is a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, and Certified Biblical Health Coach. She is the co-founder of motivFIT with her husband Jeff. She crafted motivFIT’scomprehensive Bible-based holistic wellness programto help women achieve optimal health & wellness addressing all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. Carrie was recruited by award-winning doctors in Las Vegas to be the Prenatal Nutritional Coach for their Platinum Mommies program. With her medical background as an EMT, she has over 14 years experience in the health & wellness industry specializing in women’s health, holistic wellness, and fitness nutrition. Outside of helping others, Carrie also enjoys long distance running, cooking, and writing. For more information go to www.motivfit.com


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knee-injuryWhen it comes to “being fit” we automatically think of eating right and exercising.   We join a gym or enroll in a class with the hopes of achieving the coveted washboard abs all the while never giving the joints of our body a second thought. But, being fit has much more to do with total health of the entire body than it does with fitting into skinny jeans.

man balancing onbikeBalance is vital for all of our everyday activities from walking to reaching and putting on pants one leg at a time. When we were younger we’d balance train every time we’d step outside to play. From hopscotch, to skateboarding, to bike riding without training wheels, we continually worked our balance while strengthening our core. Even today’s elite athletes recognize the value of balance training as super bowl champs and Olympic medalists alike are quick to note balance & stability training as one of their key elements to success.

water workoutLow-impact water workouts combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training and with little risk of injury. Refreshing water also carries many therapeutic qualities, alleviating pain and stress on joints & muscles as well as keeping exercisers cool even in the middle of an intense workout. Try this quick water workout the next time you take a dip.

Weight Loss Resolution Solutions

How to Avoid 6 Common “I-want-to-lose-weight” Resolution Pitfalls

Weight loss is one of the most popular New Years resolutions, if not something along those lines; lose weight, lose fat, get tone, eat more protein, eat less sugar, exercise more, sleep more, get fit, get healthy, etc. No matter how you word it, fit and fat alike will set a health-related resolution this year.



Three Simple Steps to Help You Achieve a Beach Body
Does the thought of donning a bathing suit frighten you? The warm temperatures of late are a reminder that summer is just around the corner. With warmer temps it’s time to trade those sweaters and boots for something a little more revealing.



The Weight of the World: 5 Simple Steps to Kick Scale Addiction

Our society is obsessed with the scale. Every day we are bombarded with messages focusing on our weight- Lose Weight Now Ask Me How, Weight Watchers, The Biggest Loser, Medical Weight Loss Solutions- All branded and packaged in a slightly different manner yet conveying the same message; the lower your weight, the happier, more attractive, and more valuable you will be. In fact, we’ve never been more preoccupied with the scale and weight loss, yet our nation’s obesity continues to rise. Why is that?



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Romancing Your Real Heart


Romancing Your Real Heart

With Valentine’s Day comes the emergence of pink and red heart decorations adorning grocery store check out stands, classroom walls, and front door wreaths. The heart has been the symbol for love since ancient times because the heart is the core of our body, it’s vital to life, and it’s the center of our emotions. But how often do you spend Valentine’s Day romancing your real heart?


Reach for the Stars: a New Look at the Way You Set Your New Year’s Goals

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what three goals would you set for your life?  Oftentimes we set our New Year’s resolutions by judging our future goals based on our past failures.  That thinking makes your goals for the coming year seem like a punishment rather than a challenge to become something greater.  Learn how a new look at how you set your New Year’s goals will positively impact your health.  


How a Little Bird Can Teach You How to Live the Healthy Life You Dream About
Just as spring birds are meant to fly in the great outdoors, you are meant to live a healthy life full of vigor.  Growing frustrated with your circumstances doesn’t mean that there isn’t an appropriate channel to get to your health & fitness goals.  A little bird might teach you all you need to know to live the healthy life you dream about.



Lean, Tone, and Strong: The Benefits of Resistance Training
“The only way you can hurt the body is not to use it.”
-Jack LaLanne 1914 – 2011

One area of fitness that is often overlooked, particularly in females, is resistance training.  Throw away the idea that resistance training will make you “bulk up” like a Ukrainian wrestler on steroids.  In contrast, it is the key to making you lean and is the vital ingredient in maintaining a healthy weight.  Read how the benefits of resistance training will make you lean, tone, and strong.




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