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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 00:00

#TBM Artist Interview- WAV Resident Colin Fraser Gray

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#Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/10/10)
Tea with Colin Frasercolinfrasergray artist
Before meeting with Colin Fraser Gray, I had the opportunity to browse through his website; www.colinfrasergray.com. The website gave me a brief overview of Colin’s work, and his accomplishments. His work is mesmerizing; it jumps out and literally shakes your soul. This was the feeling it gave me from looking at the online photo’s, to see his artwork close up in real life was an experience all its own. From my research I came across interesting facts on Colin. In 2006 Colin rocked the city of Santa Barbara with his controversial sculpture “W”. The sculpture is a toppled, upside down McDonalds sign with green arrows shot into it. A very powerful piece that, I took as a stance against the corporatism that was running rampant at the time, and the head honcho known as “Dubya”.
Monday, 17 April 2017 07:40

#TBM - Artist Interview: WAV Artist Jacqueline Woods

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#Throw Back Mondays (originally posted 8/2/10)
Has the process of making a photograph become completely obsolete in the contemporary art world? Not for Jacqueline Woods. In fact, the process of developing and printing the photo is an essential facet to her work as a whole. The process, coupled with themes of memory and identity is what makes Woods' photographs so enticing.
Monday, 11 April 2016 13:31

Artist Interview: HUD Resident Artist Mariana Peirano

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introEye On This Artist
Mariana Peirano is another artist who I think we should keep an eye on.  I don't remember where I first saw her painting "just when it all falls apart", but I fell in love with it. Although the painting is eerie, I love it because the girl in the painting reminds me of a remarkable young woman who is no longer with us named Chloe Blohm who I had the amazing opportunity to meet through her mother. Chloe was also artist, and in fact, I commissioned her first painting which graces the top of my staircase.  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the artist of that beautiful painting.  Funny how things work out.
Monday, 15 February 2016 23:37

Artist Interview - The HUD Ventura Resident Artist Jonas Lara

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INTRO Eye On This Artist
I was really excited to interview Jonas for Society 805 after his name kept coming up when I began asking about artists in the 805 who were good but never seemed to get the right exposure. Something I noticed was that the same group of people were always getting the exposure around town and it was becoming quite boring.  Fast forward, I hear about the  HUD Ventura, a new artist hub, with a cool hip vibe where they feature artists from all over on a monthly basis, and even better, they also have resident artist studios for LOCAL artists like Jonas Lara. 
Monday, 09 November 2015 20:29

Artist Interview - HUD Ventura Resident Artist Eva Ryan

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Eye On This Artist
I met Eva Ryan on a very hot Thursday afternoon at her studio that was currently being built, literately the walls just went up that week. She somehow managed to make a little work space amongst all the construction in the middle of her studio. Currently several studios are being built for the resident artists at The HUD Gallery in Ventura. She told me that everything would be done by next week for first Friday, although I had my doubts looking at all of the studios with debris and furniture all in piles. Eva has a very sweet disposition and did not let the chaos of the studio distract her from letting me shoot her while she worked.


Originally Published August 2010
Our hearts are sadden by the news of the death of our friend Stewart Birbrower who died this past June 14 at the age of 78. We had the pleasure of interviewing Stewart and meeting his wife Sylvia back in 2010 during the first year the WAV opened. Please enjoy the article about Stewart and the early days on how he started in advertising on wall street. It is really a good story.

Tatiana Wilcox Ha
Editor in Chief
Friday, 18 January 2013 00:00

An Interview with Artist Erik ReeL

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IMG 20131002 115550 610Erik ReeL talks about his painting, background and early art experiences, and what leads him to paint as he does.



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